The Vote in our Nation’s Cusp of the arrow of time

Today, there’s a very important vote in the house. Perhaps many people are too busy to even care, pay attention, etc. Many republicans have showed a filthy, even corrupt attempt to continue to insult the “intelligence, of we the people”. They have put their interest, thinking they will continue to hold their seat if trump is not impeached, just like trump did, before our Nation’s foundation and values. The results of this vote, if trump is not impeached, is about allowing for trump to get away with asking a foreign country to help him cheat or rig the elections in his favor once again, a corrupt and treasonous action not worthy of any president, or person in the highest seat in the land. The sacredness of our constitution, is at stake, our way of life, and our freedom. If anything, these hearing have showed the lack of integrity held by those republicans, who don’t have the best interest of our nation, and the people. How this vote goes, is one of those moments of the “cusp in the arrow of time”. In one sky, the sidereal Zodiac, we have Jupiter entering Sagittarius,it’s own sign strong, in the other western zodiac, we have Jupiter entering Capricorn, two very different meanings, and results. The results,if positive, will historically be remembered as a victory for our democratic system and duty to protect the constitution and integrity of the values this nation was founded on. If these leaders turn a blind eye and do not impeach, this day will be remembered as the day of the “fall” and “death” (Capricorn’s ruler Saturn’s signification in the negative side) of our Republic and beginning of the trump monarchy.I pray that the divine light of justice, and conscious rightful action, be awakened in each of those who will hold the vote today, that those that consider themselves “christian, or religious, think of “what would Jesus do?” He was sacrificed, according to scripture, for “our sins”, therefore will each vote to save this president be a nail on the cross of corruption, or will this vote help save our democracy? Will it show we learned from our mistakes, our sins, we will not continue to sacrifice Jesus, the light of truth, love, brotherhood, righteousness, compassion, unity, and all we hold sacred, in the cross of corruption anymore, have we learned? Did Jesus die in vain? Many do not like to mix religion and politics, and I understand this, but you don’t need to be religious to know what is the right thing to do. Also many do not see or know the astrology behind the events and the “signs” they indicate, but In this case, even if one is not an astrologer as well, you don’t ignore the facts, and what can happen from this moment on, in our nation, if we allow a president to be above the law, it could be in this case, written in the “Cusp in our moment in time”.

Update- voting was postponed until the day afterIt’s written, even in the Degree

Finally! The vote came in with a very striking coincidence of numbers. 17 Republicans against impeachment, trump has a 17 degree Jupiter in Sagittarius. Democrats number for impeachment was 23, trump has a 23 degree Saturn, in the sign of the scarab in the 11th house. Saturn is the planet of Karma, the 11th house although mostly positive the house of “acquisitions”, also can symbolize “getting what you deserve”, good or bad, the “fruit” of your deeds. These two planets are in a square, it is amazing how this voting tally has not only historical significance, but astrological significance as well!

Karuna Diaz

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