Astrophilogenesis: Explorations


Recently exploring groups on Facebook, and also inspired by one of my conversations with one of my friends, Sambuddha Maitra’s research, I was inspired to write on this topic. One post in particular han interesting question, “are birth marks proof of reincarnation”? It was interesting to read some of the comments. In particular, one’s who mentioned a belief by some, these marks are proof of how you might have died in a “Past life”.  With a Scorpio moon in the horizon, it does not surprise me the timing of the question or the correlation.  I have a Scorpio Moon in Tropical and Sidereal Astrology; therefore I found this topic worth exploring, because I have a conjecture or two on this.

If there is such a thing as “reincarnation” then there is a strong potential we incarnate from past life of our ancestors who need to “fix” the mess or correct their past mistakes or be of service by completing unfinished business from the past.  What would be the sense of it all, having past lives that no one remembers, and no one can check to see if it’s more than just a fantasy? Perhaps, it is “written on the body”?

There is something I learned, from Yoga, and I’ve done a little speculation about from genetics, that might apply, the right side, is the male, father side, the left, the female, mother side. Do you have a birth mark on the left? Then it could most likely be, from your mother’s side of the family.

Some examples, If on the right,  then the ancestry can be from the father’s side.   Because the Y chromosome,  found in men only,  has both father, and mother genetic lineage,  if for example, you are a woman, and have this birth mark on the left, and your daughter shares the same birth mark,  but on the right, then perhaps you have inherited this “connection” from your mother’s side of the family. Your  daughter’s side carries more clues, is it your mother, or your father? If your daughter carries the mark on the right, the clues  given is the inherited birthmark originally came from your  mother’s father side of the family, in other words, your daughters’ grandfather on his mother’s side.

The same goes if you have the birthmark on the left, and your son,  has it on the right, the fathe’s side, (and the father of your son, does not have the birthmark) then your son inherited this birthmark from your side (mother’s side) his grandfather, on your side.

If you are a man, and your son has this birthmark on the right side, as well as you. Then most likely, the ancestry inheritance of the birthmark, comes from your male, father side of the family. If you are a man and your daughter has the birthmark on the left, and you have it on the right, then most likely it comes from your father’s side of the family, but from his female ancestry side.

Of course this is all speculation, but one that can be explored. This “connection” can play out with different possibility, just like life and choices. Perhaps if the birthmark is in the left foot, and you know your astrological chart, then check where your Pisces falls on your chart, (as well as your daughter or son)  Pisces is given to the 12th house in the Zodiac. This is the house of endings, (past life, and how a person might have died?). If you don’t believe in “past life”, then think of  it this way, according to science, we have chromosomes from our ancestors, all the way back to the very first, “Adam and Eve”. Therefore, they live “within you”, their “past lives” ( and perhaps the mark of how they die,  is encoded in your body, (“birthmark”?) expressing themselves in genes through traits, illnesses, and even likes and dislikes. Therefore, this is another expression of “past life”. This means there could still be connected to “past life” in your own ancestry, as well.

Does it make any sense to why there could be more than one life?  In our planet,  “life” expresses itself  in “human beings”. Like the passing of time, the cycle of “life”, is a circle. The circle has always symbolized, life, death, transformation, and rebirth, so what would be the sense of it all if only one life, and one time is allotted to us? Perhaps if we think of the Universe as “being alive” or “a life being”,  the Universe, like the cells in our DNA, can express themselves in “life” multiple lives, multiple expressions, multiple variations.  After all, science now confirms, we are, made out of “stardust” and ike our DNA which is passed down from generation to generation, so is the origin of this Astral DNA. The Astrologers from ancient times have always known this, it is only now that science has catched up, some of us astrologers, have even coined the word, “Astral DNA”.

Perhaps the answer to why are we here, is a question who’s answer can be to express in ourselves, (as our own geneses do)  to growth, learn, love and expand just like the Universe. Except as we grow and expand the Universe grows with us, so the Universe lives through us. How we live and what we do with the life given is as important as why there is life. As we grow, love and learn, God/Goddess or the Universe grows and lives in us, and in our Astral DNA.

Meantime, we can choose to explore this origin ” in our own bodies and in the heavens, if we are willing to open our minds to the possibility, that “coincidences” can be more than just a word, it can be an “expression, of life and death, in the cycle of life”.

2019 Karuna Diaz-all rights reserved

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