Astrophilogenesis -An Astrologer’s insights on life, times and politics.

Hello. I’m an Astrologer, somewhat of a philosopher, researcher and scholar. I’m eco-centrist and Uni-centrist and what people might call “spiritual.”  I have always had ideas, insights, and philosophical, spiritual and religious questions and sometimes answers to these questions (good enough for me, not necessarily for everyone).  I have pondered most of my life on the questions of who we are, and why we are here. I have found some answers after many years of living, being, suffering, enjoying, pondering and reflecting, as well as having had many inspirations, teachings and insights from my mother, my spouse, Astrology, Astrology teachers∗, Yoga, mythology,  family and friends. I call my insights: Astrophilogenesis because I find that most of my questions are answered if I apply these three principles (more than three, actually):  Astrology-/Astronomy (Quantum mechanics), philosophy/-Biology (DNA), Genesis/Mythology& Ecology (religion and spirituality).

More than just sharing some of my insights to the answers I have found, I, like most of you, would like to contribute in some way to making this a better world.  Through this technology we might be able to create a “Spiritual and Environmental think tank” of sorts, for a better world.   I would love to share and post others’ ideas too.

I have always thought, “what if we had a real Gaia religion?”  An Earth religion that would bring together the environmentalist in nature with activist that brings awareness to the dangers of our so-called “progress, assisting in finding non-toxic alternative solutions for a healthier, more humane, better and peaceful world. I have found that the Native Americans way of life and religion actually does, and people are finally actually listening. There are of course other religions that also do this, but I feel there is a need for a “Sacred Nature Religion”. A religion that you don’t have to follow, and you don’t have to give up your religion, or way of life for, the first step is just becoming aware of the sacredness of nature, and respect and act accordingly to its sacredness. I think connecting with the community of like-minded, heart centered, and open to listening and learning from nature is a good first start.

I would also like to humbly share with people my understanding of the ancient axiom: “as above so below,” to explore present, and perhaps even inspire research, on how simple astronomical and astrological concepts can be understood in a spiritual more “down to earth” way.  And how this understanding can be applied to being fully conscious of why we are here, who we really are, what to do next, and how we apply it to form a better planet and become better human beings.

*Wanted to name a few of these here.:  The Ancient Astrologers books, from which translators such as Robert and Ellen Schmidt, and project Hindsight have done an excellent job translating and I have learned so much from their work, Christopher Warnock, my first teacher who first opened my eyes to the world of  Renaissance astrological magic and traditional astrology. From Mountain Astrloger magazine and all contributing authors, Kepler College webinars, research group and  their classes, Z.Z. Zain and the Church of light, Evolutionary Astrology,  Caroline Casesy, Deborah Holding,David Cochrrane,  Lee Lehman, ph.d.  Richard Tarnas, Chris Brennan Astrology Podcast,  Demetra George, Stephen Forrest, Maria Mateus,  Robet Zoller’s books, Celeste Teal, KRS you-tube channel, Nadiya Shah, Benjamin Dykes, Donna Woodwell,  Russ Von Ohlhausen, and three very knowledgeable and competent Astrologers who  delineated my chart many years ago, Carlos Leo, Adrian Mechad, and Connie Volpe. Also want to thank Swamiji,  Profesor Santiago Aranegui, and a metaphysical group led by a memorable and wise lady we lovingly called Bebita and her influence from the Theosophical society.  It was through those Friday classes, which I always looked forward to, that first opened the doors to this new-ancient world of knowledge, philosophy and my esoteric education, but most of all, I want to thank my mother, spouse, and my family, who have always inspired, supported, and shared, my love for greater understanding of our spritual and cosmic connections.

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Hello, Hola, I’m Karuna Diaz, I’m an Astrologer, somewhat of a philosopher, researcher and scholar. I’m also eco-centrist and Uni-centrist.

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