Happy Earth day! I hear this every April 22nd, but Earth day is every day. If only we would honor the sacredness, life and consciousness of Earth’s intelligence in our planet, in every cell of every organic and inorganic matter and sentient beings. This energy has been recognized by ancient humans, and civilizations as the given names of Goddesses. One of these names, given by the Greek, was Gaia.

In our quest for life “out there”  programs such as SETI, which looks at the exterior gets a lot of attention,  passion, training, resources, education, special telescopes and equipment’s intellectual pursuits, skill, years of searching, money, research etc. But, in our own planet, there is a gap, a black hole, if you will, in understanding or making connections, links, and communication with our own Gaia nature within our feet.

What if we had UGIE? : Understanding Gaia’s intelligence in Earth.

But is Gaia the “consciousness?”

In other words, is Gaia the soul’s core of our planet and each sentient being living in this planet?

Humans are supposed to have Emotional Intelligence. Shouldn’t Gaia have one as well?

According to psychologists, our Emotional Intelligence has 12 elements. As an astrologer, I can’t help but relate the above to the 12 signs of the Zodiac, each relating to the 12 months of the year, but what about Gaia’s Intelligence?

Do we have an inner Gaia intelligence as well? If so, who is listening? The Native Americans? The Indigenous people of the Earth?  Scientists? Activists, like Rachel Carson and others? Philosophers? Astrologers who charted the sky and translated the need for healing in our skies? Religious people? Spiritual people?

Are you listening?

The song from Color Purple said it best, and if you don’t feel comfortable with the word “God”, substitute it for “UGIE” trying to tell you something.

Even more important is the question, “Why aren’t we all listening?”

What if we put together ambassadors of people around the world Native Americans and their Gaia wisdom, Astrologers, Environmentalist, Eco-psychologist, activists, ministers of the Earth, and eco-friendly religions as well as Environmental scientist and biologist, etc to work together to understand Gaia?

It doesn’t matter what you call this consciousness (the collective unconscious, UGIE, God/Goddess, Earth, Gaia). What is most important is not the name; it’s listening and understanding our connection to this source of consciousness, our role in it, working toward being part of the solution, and working together to what matters most: unity, mutual understanding and awareness, to heal our world and each other. Happy Earth, Day, today and every day.

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The connection to Reincarnation and Astrology in the “Lords’ Prayer”

Prayer hands

For those of us who pray The Lord’s Prayer, supposedly taught by Jesus, might be surprised to find in it’s invocation, an overlooked Hindu philosophy of “Reincarnation” and Astrology.
So much of the ancient Greek world-view of religion, science, language, and astrology was influenced by the original ancient world view of India.
Let’s start with “Our Father, who art in heaven…” and the differentiation between the word heaven and sky.
Our most modern word, “sky” does not reflect or encompass what the ancients referred to as “the Heavens.”
The “Heavens” to the ancients was the Zodiac and our first “Internet.” It held information based on astrological and astronomical positioning of the stars and placement between them. Just like our modern computer engineers, only the ancient priests, at the time, were able to decipher and understand the symbols and omen behind these stars. Ancient priests were astrologers/astronomers (considered the same at the time), and like our modern day astrologers, they saw the connection of the astrological principle of the stars and  placements in “Heaven”.
… “on Earth as it is in Heaven.” is the first Astrological principle in the Lord’s Prayer,  the equivalent to the Hermetic axiom in the Kybalion, “as above so below”.
On the sentence “…and forgive us our sins, as we forgive those that sin agains us (Matthew 6:9-13), we find a link to “reincarnation”. The original Greek word used was Opheilema/ Opeilets. There are other versions of the above passage using the word, “trespass” of which the older version used the word “Sin.”
“Sin”, according to  Theopedia, is mentioned in the Old Testament with 6 different nouns and 3 verbs to describe it. When first translated in 1526, the New Testament from Greek to English, the English translator William Tyndale (1494-1536) used the word “debt” for “sin.” Yet, in the original Torah (the Jewish bible), and back to Genesis, we have the word “sin” as the original meaning behind the verse, “forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us.
In the Wikipedia definition of the Jewish meaning of “sin,” it explains it as part of life because we all commit “sin.” However, there are different types of sins and each have a certain difference in degree of punishment.
Some sins are punished by the laws in the courts. Many are punished in heaven. Others have consequences on earth.
Sins are differentiated as:
1.      Sins against God and Man forgiven by God if one repents.
2.     Sins between men and People are the most severe ones.
3.     Sins committed out of “lack of knowledge” are considered less grave.
4.      Sins or iniquities of one generation passing to another.
I will refer to  #3 and #4 with an example from the Bible on how this part of The Lord’s Prayer, can be understood as “reincarnation” or “Karma”.
The New Testament mentions a blind man born blind. The disciples asked him who had sinned. Was it his parents or him?  (John 9:3).
     Yeshua said to them, He had not sinned nor had his parents, but that the works of God       may appear in him.
Exchange the word “sin” above with “Karma,” which is what I believe the original origin of the word “sin.” The question of who’s Karma was it? Was it of the sins of the father, or were it his sins? Just this verse alone, “who sinned here?” is telling us that the disciples and Jesus were referring to “Reincarnation”.
Jesus replied that it was neither. The “illness’  was accepted by the man’s own accord, because he knew Jesus would “heal” him–a miracle would be done for him to show that Jesus was the “son” of God.  Jesus thought to teach his disciples that they were wrong in their judgemen, was of high importance. I believe Jesus shows that the greatness of faith and service makes clear that not all victims of illnesses or “sins” should be measured or judged in the same way.  In other words: don’t be judgmental or blame a victim of an illness or use their illness to justify a lack of sympathy, lack of understanding, support or compassion. Hence, Jesus is teaching more “awareness” and “open-mindedness,” instead of seeing the ill as “paying for Karma” of something done badly, wikedly, or sinful.
Regardless of religion, or even how one feels about Jesus, this takes us back to the 3 examples of possibilities mentioned in the Torah,  of “Karma” (Sins).
1.  His own,
2.  His fathers
3.  Sin or “Karma” committed out of lack of knowledge (a sacrifice, a voluntary service to be of greater service, as Jesus explained, was the reason of why the blind man was born blind).
The other Astrological connection is the “illness of being born blind” this is a  6th house astrological signification, the 6th house is known as the house of illness, but it is also known as the house of service, debt,(…forgive our debt, as we forgive our debtors)
work, and enemies). The 6th house is the house of Virgo,  the Virgin and it is no coincidence that nuns, who are of “service” to God, wear a habit resembling the attire of the Virgin. (More on this on another blog). It is also no “coincidence that the “work” or “life work” of the blind man, was to be of service, until Jesus cured him.
Next time you pray the Lord Prayer, you might think back on this and reflect on the ancient messages: the overlooked Astrological codes between Christianity and the Zodiac.

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The Vote in our Nation’s Cusp of the arrow of time

Today, there’s a very important vote in the house. Perhaps many people are too busy to even care, pay attention, etc. Many republicans have showed a filthy, even corrupt attempt to continue to insult the “intelligence, of we the people”. They have put their interest, thinking they will continue to hold their seat if trump is not impeached, just like trump did, before our Nation’s foundation and values. The results of this vote, if trump is not impeached, is about allowing for trump to get away with asking a foreign country to help him cheat or rig the elections in his favor once again, a corrupt and treasonous action not worthy of any president, or person in the highest seat in the land. The sacredness of our constitution, is at stake, our way of life, and our freedom. If anything, these hearing have showed the lack of integrity held by those republicans, who don’t have the best interest of our nation, and the people. How this vote goes, is one of those moments of the “cusp in the arrow of time”. In one sky, the sidereal Zodiac, we have Jupiter entering Sagittarius,it’s own sign strong, in the other western zodiac, we have Jupiter entering Capricorn, two very different meanings, and results. The results,if positive, will historically be remembered as a victory for our democratic system and duty to protect the constitution and integrity of the values this nation was founded on. If these leaders turn a blind eye and do not impeach, this day will be remembered as the day of the “fall” and “death” (Capricorn’s ruler Saturn’s signification in the negative side) of our Republic and beginning of the trump monarchy.I pray that the divine light of justice, and conscious rightful action, be awakened in each of those who will hold the vote today, that those that consider themselves “christian, or religious, think of “what would Jesus do?” He was sacrificed, according to scripture, for “our sins”, therefore will each vote to save this president be a nail on the cross of corruption, or will this vote help save our democracy? Will it show we learned from our mistakes, our sins, we will not continue to sacrifice Jesus, the light of truth, love, brotherhood, righteousness, compassion, unity, and all we hold sacred, in the cross of corruption anymore, have we learned? Did Jesus die in vain? Many do not like to mix religion and politics, and I understand this, but you don’t need to be religious to know what is the right thing to do. Also many do not see or know the astrology behind the events and the “signs” they indicate, but In this case, even if one is not an astrologer as well, you don’t ignore the facts, and what can happen from this moment on, in our nation, if we allow a president to be above the law, it could be in this case, written in the “Cusp in our moment in time”.

Update- voting was postponed until the day afterIt’s written, even in the Degree

Finally! The vote came in with a very striking coincidence of numbers. 17 Republicans against impeachment, trump has a 17 degree Jupiter in Sagittarius. Democrats number for impeachment was 23, trump has a 23 degree Saturn, in the sign of the scarab in the 11th house. Saturn is the planet of Karma, the 11th house although mostly positive the house of “acquisitions”, also can symbolize “getting what you deserve”, good or bad, the “fruit” of your deeds. These two planets are in a square, it is amazing how this voting tally has not only historical significance, but astrological significance as well!

Karuna Diaz

Astrophilogenesis: Explorations

picture: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Birthmark

Recently exploring groups on Facebook, and also inspired by one of my conversations with one of my friends, Sambuddha Maitra’s research, I was inspired to write on this topic. One post in particular han interesting question, “are birth marks proof of reincarnation”? It was interesting to read some of the comments. In particular, one’s who mentioned a belief by some, these marks are proof of how you might have died in a “Past life”.  With a Scorpio moon in the horizon, it does not surprise me the timing of the question or the correlation.  I have a Scorpio Moon in Tropical and Sidereal Astrology; therefore I found this topic worth exploring, because I have a conjecture or two on this.

If there is such a thing as “reincarnation” then there is a strong potential we incarnate from past life of our ancestors who need to “fix” the mess or correct their past mistakes or be of service by completing unfinished business from the past.  What would be the sense of it all, having past lives that no one remembers, and no one can check to see if it’s more than just a fantasy? Perhaps, it is “written on the body”?

There is something I learned, from Yoga, and I’ve done a little speculation about from genetics, that might apply, the right side, is the male, father side, the left, the female, mother side. Do you have a birth mark on the left? Then it could most likely be, from your mother’s side of the family.

Some examples, If on the right,  then the ancestry can be from the father’s side.   Because the Y chromosome,  found in men only,  has both father, and mother genetic lineage,  if for example, you are a woman, and have this birth mark on the left, and your daughter shares the same birth mark,  but on the right, then perhaps you have inherited this “connection” from your mother’s side of the family. Your  daughter’s side carries more clues, is it your mother, or your father? If your daughter carries the mark on the right, the clues  given is the inherited birthmark originally came from your  mother’s father side of the family, in other words, your daughters’ grandfather on his mother’s side.

The same goes if you have the birthmark on the left, and your son,  has it on the right, the fathe’s side, (and the father of your son, does not have the birthmark) then your son inherited this birthmark from your side (mother’s side) his grandfather, on your side.

If you are a man, and your son has this birthmark on the right side, as well as you. Then most likely, the ancestry inheritance of the birthmark, comes from your male, father side of the family. If you are a man and your daughter has the birthmark on the left, and you have it on the right, then most likely it comes from your father’s side of the family, but from his female ancestry side.

Of course this is all speculation, but one that can be explored. This “connection” can play out with different possibility, just like life and choices. Perhaps if the birthmark is in the left foot, and you know your astrological chart, then check where your Pisces falls on your chart, (as well as your daughter or son)  Pisces is given to the 12th house in the Zodiac. This is the house of endings, (past life, and how a person might have died?). If you don’t believe in “past life”, then think of  it this way, according to science, we have chromosomes from our ancestors, all the way back to the very first, “Adam and Eve”. Therefore, they live “within you”, their “past lives” ( and perhaps the mark of how they die,  is encoded in your body, (“birthmark”?) expressing themselves in genes through traits, illnesses, and even likes and dislikes. Therefore, this is another expression of “past life”. This means there could still be connected to “past life” in your own ancestry, as well.

Does it make any sense to why there could be more than one life?  In our planet,  “life” expresses itself  in “human beings”. Like the passing of time, the cycle of “life”, is a circle. The circle has always symbolized, life, death, transformation, and rebirth, so what would be the sense of it all if only one life, and one time is allotted to us? Perhaps if we think of the Universe as “being alive” or “a life being”,  the Universe, like the cells in our DNA, can express themselves in “life” multiple lives, multiple expressions, multiple variations.  After all, science now confirms, we are, made out of “stardust” and ike our DNA which is passed down from generation to generation, so is the origin of this Astral DNA. The Astrologers from ancient times have always known this, it is only now that science has catched up, some of us astrologers, have even coined the word, “Astral DNA”.

Perhaps the answer to why are we here, is a question who’s answer can be to express in ourselves, (as our own geneses do)  to growth, learn, love and expand just like the Universe. Except as we grow and expand the Universe grows with us, so the Universe lives through us. How we live and what we do with the life given is as important as why there is life. As we grow, love and learn, God/Goddess or the Universe grows and lives in us, and in our Astral DNA.

Meantime, we can choose to explore this origin ” in our own bodies and in the heavens, if we are willing to open our minds to the possibility, that “coincidences” can be more than just a word, it can be an “expression, of life and death, in the cycle of life”.

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Do you have a Sun- (father )Fire sign, Astral DNA connection in your Natal chart

We as Astrologers and lovers of Astrology, can see the connections of the planetary energies in our lives, personality, physical, psychological, etc. I have an interest in genetics, and I’m exploring the connection of the father, as represented in the Sun sign, to their sons/daughter in the natal chart. If we are after all made up of “star-dust” this link should also be in our DNA, and in our Natal chart. So just as you would test for genetic confirmation of father in the DNA, I’m taking it to an astrological level, to see if we can also see this connection in our natal charts. This is a work in process.  (I will also be researching the Moon,  signification of the mother). But for starters, I have seen this connection in Fire Sun sign people, and wrote about this a while back. I will repost in the near future, since this is a work in progress. 

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photo NASA


Our Moon and Exploration of our Astral DNA

I have been wondering about the moon,  is there an  Astral DNA link in our charts?  I think it would be interesting to explore. Is there a similar connection with the Moon?  After all, the Moon is considered the Mother, as well as the Sun, the Father. But I think this connection can be explored, this time in the Vedic natal chart (or perhaps, even using the Thema Mundi, as a point of reference, as we used the Natural Zodiac for the exploration of Sun as the father).  So last night for the first time, I checked my Vedic moon connection. I have found a connection in my own chart. I am a Moon in Scorpio, in both charts, Vedic and Tropical. My mother, although not a Scorpio, is a tropical Aries,  (ruled by Mars in traditional astrology and Vedic). Her moon in her Vedic chart, falls in the 8th house of Scorpio, but in the sign of Virgo. What was amazing to me, was that my grandmother, her mother, was a Virgo. Is this a coincidence? I think this is a worthy topic of exploration, and hopefully others can join me in the search for the  link in our natal chart and our Astral DNA.Could it be possible, that just as we can find paternal and maternal confirmation of mother, father, ancestry, in our DNA analysis, likewise, we can find our parents, and grandparents in our own chart, and our astral DNA . I have been working on the above research, and have posted my prelimenary thougths on this matter. I hope to publish this as another astrological thesis  discovery, if you are reading this, and it has given you an insight or inspires you to take this reseach as well, I would kindly aks that if I have provided any assistance, that you aknowledge me and my work on this topic. Thank you.

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Libra full Moon March 2019

Happy Easter and a Universal message of re-connecting to its true meaning within us

tom-podmore-zRacUCRY_Sw-unsplashToday, like every year we celebrate Easter, the day Christians celebrate the “resurrection” of Christ.  Also prior to this date, it is interesting that the story of Inanna’s descent in Sumerian literature has a similar story of resurrection, when she was killed by her sister and was given back  “life”  after three days.SUMERIA Other pagan connections and links are the Saxon Goddess Eostre, or Ostara, who’s spring time sacrificial festival was celebrated today, the  goddess in india called the Great Mother Kali, and the Egyptian goddess Hathor-Astarte, who laid the Golden Egg of the Sun, are also traced back to the ancient origins of Easter.  But if we put all of this together the message, no matter how old, or which religion, is based on the special meaning of resurrection.   In all of these messages, there is a renewal, a born-again, a more sacred second chance and state of being, embodied in nature as the coming of spring, once again when the position of the Sun is in the constellation of Aries at 0 degrees,  it is not coincidental that this holy day is celebrated during the time of the Equinox, the resurrection of spring on Earth, perhaps even encoded in the image of the Spinx by the ancient Egyptians, but most of all, I believe, embodied in us all, when we express the “good” of ourselves,  in our Astral DNA.

Like every state in our Nation, and in our world, there is so much going on that can be disheartening, depressing, and even sometimes unbearable. The state of the “World” and “humanity” is in need of a make-over.  We can actually see this deviation from the perfect alignment, of the ancient times, when all of these celebration were once celebrated on the same day of the Equinox.  On this day, in our modern time, there is a reminder of what can be possible if we were all truly able to “align” ourselves to this powerful message. To follow and learn from those with many different names, male and females from all the messages of unity, love and brotherhood of all our ancient and modern religions. We can start with Jesus, the heart, the Sun (son) the Lion, the sign of Leo in Astrology, the leader, the ego. The ancient spiritual alchemist, mystics, and teachers, understood this energy to be embodied in all of us.

JesusWithout a heart,  no man, nor woman can function, nor live. But the heart must be transmuted to the spiritual “gold” of christ and christ consciousness in us all.  To re-connect to compassion, love, unity, and most of all, to “love other’s as you would love thyself” is one of the greatest messages to revive today and every day, in our world, and in ourselves.

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As a 12-year-old I read the Bible for the first time.  As you can imagine, I was way too young to truly understand it.  One part in particular in the Old Testament, “God’s” says he is “…a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children to the third and fourth generation of those who hate me” Exodus 20:5 [1]… in other words, the children pay for the sins of the father. “This never made sense to me, nor did I find it right, just, or fair for such an “omnipotent merciful God”.  (I think, secretly most devout religious people might feel the same way)

I realize, in these modern times, that there might be many out there who don’t think much of the Bible, especially the Old Testament, but I always say, regardless of how you might feel about the old book, don’t throw the baby out with the bath water, and please don’t assume because of this title, this is a religious blog, if you do, you might be disappointed.

As an adult, Astrologer and somewhat of a researcher, philosopher and metaphysician, living in the information age, I think I found a way to understand the meaning behind this verse, a verse, which could be more important than it appears,

Epigenetics, the study of inherited changes, natural and or influenced by factors such as environment, age, disease, and lifestyle which can manifest in the active versus inactive gene expression of the individual, curiously enough, is believed to continue “to the third and fourth generation”.  Epigenetics helps us see the connection with our environment, and health, the generational lasting effects of exposures to toxic chemicals, (poisons) and dare I say  understand the truth behind the Old Testament revelation “God’s” says he is “…a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children to the third and fourth generation of those who hate me” Exodus 20:5  )

Discover magazine states in their article, “In a pregnant mother, three generations are directly exposed to the same environmental conditions at the same time. An epigenetic effect that continues into the 4th generation could be inherited and not due to direct exposure.” [2]

In my own understanding of what I have termed, “Astrophilogenesis” and in a book I’m currently writing, about our Astral DNA,  I can now see how this unfair, and unjust, consequence of the “Sins of the father” can embody itself in a gene expression, and I see the connection of gene’s expression’s, inherited condition, in “Epigenetics”.

Environmental deterioration is now part of our inheritance of a modernity that doesn’t place healthy values in preservation of clean air, water, food and land. It is an inheritance we leave our children and children‘s children.

How we live now, what we value, how we treat ourselves, others and the planet, matters in the same way our choices matter in directing or re-directing our lives, and our health.  Our actions, and lack of right action, or iniquities to this life and through the mistreatment, ignorance of the treatment, of our environment,  (by polluting our oceans, air, land, food, and planet with toxic chemicals, etc ) is something we’re also doing to ourselves via our active, or inactive, inheritance genes up to the 3rd or 4th generation. And this is one way our children pay for the sins of the fathers.  But just having this awareness is a first step. This is something we can change and choose to do differently from the previous generations, in this case, the “fathers”.

This is a subject worthy of more exploration, and research, in many levels  and the current book I’m working on, will do just this, in an astrological level,  but what is uplifting and promising is the last New moon of 2017 in Sagittarius 26 degrees on December 17, (Pacific) December 18 (Eastern). This New Moon in Sagittarius has Saturn, Earth, Sun and Moon all aligned with the Galactic center, the black hole of our galaxy. Some Astrologers are describing this time to be a release of speeding up the Karma, erasing, receiving and “resetting” with Saturn, (father time in the mix) there is a 28-29 year of Karmic either “catching up to you” or a reaping of all the good “that is owed to you”.  A time for “accountability” and “integrity”. With Saturn returns to Capricorn, Saturn builds foundation, and it looks to me as if the heavens have announce an ending of the old, and with this new alignment  a new beginning. A “changing of the guard” sort of speak, or perhaps a cosmic transformation. The center no longer spinning inwards, but also outward?  Could this be why even in the bible there was always a mentioning of old rules, old ways becoming absolete as time went on.

A new Heaven and a new Earth, a new time, a time to take accountability for our own actions, the past has been “re-set” with this alignment at the center of the black hole of creation, perhaps a greater understanding and having learned the lessons of flesh and matter, can start a new journey and destination, a resetting back to the conscious light of our divine expression, one that cleans out the “sins” “toxins” of our pass ignorant civilizations. It’s up to you. Where do you want to express your embodiment in this world? Do you want to be part of the problem, or the solution?

It is up to all of us to be the super heroes, the light workers, the rescuers of our planet and ourselves, it is no longer up to our fathers.

Written by: Karuna Diaz

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[5] Because of Precession of the equinoxes every 26,000 years the pole star can be other stars closest to ‘true North’  Polaris is our current  Pole star, but Thuban (Persian word for dragon or serpent) was the pole star in 3000 BC

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