Happy Earth day! I hear this every April 22nd, but Earth day is every day. If only we would honor the sacredness, life and consciousness of Earth’s intelligence in our planet, in every cell of every organic and inorganic matter and sentient beings. This energy has been recognized by ancient humans, and civilizations as the given names of Goddesses. One of these names, given by the Greek, was Gaia, but they all connected this beautiful planet to a Great Mother Goddess consciousness.

In our quest for life “out there”  programs such as SETI, which looks at the exterior gets a lot of attention,  passion, training, resources, education, special telescopes and equipment’s intellectual pursuits, skill, years of searching, money, research etc. But, in our own planet, there is a gap, a black hole, if you will, in understanding or making connections, links, and communication with our own Gaia nature within our feet.

What if we had a collective program, just like NASA did with SETI, to understand and communicate with this great mother consciousness of Earth?

But is Earth “conscious?”

In other words, is Gaia the soul’s core of our planet and each sentient being living in this planet? There are many who believe this, and one of the ways to learn about this is by simply tuning in to the Gaia channel. But for those who haven’t given much thought to this, here is something to explore.

Humans are supposed to have Emotional Intelligence. Shouldn’t Earth have one as well?

According to psychologists, our Emotional Intelligence has 12 elements. As an astrologer, I can’t help but relate the above to the 12 signs of the Zodiac, each relating to the 12 months of the year, but what about Earth’s Intelligence?

Do we have an inner Gaia intelligence as well? If so, who is listening? The Native Americans? The Indigenous people of the Earth?  Scientists? Activists, like Rachel Carson and others? Philosophers? Astrologers who charted the sky and translated the need for healing in our skies? Religious people? Spiritual people?

Are we listening, are you listening?

The song from Color Purple said it best, and if you don’t feel comfortable with the word “God”, substitute it for “Mother Earth” trying to tell you something.

Even more important is the question, “Why aren’t we all listening?”

What if we put together ambassadors of people around the world Native Americans and their Gaia wisdom, Astrologers, Environmentalist, Eco-psychologist, activists, ministers of the Earth, and eco-friendly religions as well as Environmental scientist and biologist, etc to work together to understand this Great Mother consciousness?

It doesn’t matter what you call this consciousness (the collective unconscious, God/Goddess, Earth, Gaia). What is most important is not the name; it’s listening and understanding our connection to this source of consciousness, our role in it, working toward being part of the solution, and working together to what matters most: unity, mutual understanding and awareness, to heal our world and each other. Happy Earth, Day, today and every day.

@2021 Karuna Diaz – all rights reserved

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