UGIE: Understanding Gaia Intelligence in Earth

So much has gone into SETI; passion, intellect,skill, years of searching, money, research etc. yet, there is a greater intelligence that has been recognized since the beginning of Earthly existence, called by many ancient names, cultures and civilizations before SETI came along. The Earth’s intelligence, what has been named after the Greek Earth Goddess, Gaia. We should all try to understand Gaia intelligence, it’s just as important as SETI which looks on the exterior.

SETI has Science, training, money, resource, education, special telescopes and equipments. What if we had UGIE, Understanding Gaia intelligence in Earth. NASA, has scientist, Astronomers, etc, but UGIE has the Native Americans wisdom, as well as ancient civilization world view, life experiences, symbolism, the stars, ancient wisdom, intuition, understanding, tradition, cycles, and practicality.

SETI is trying to find intelligence life in space, UGIE is trying to understand Intelligence in our own backyard, or rather, inside our own home called Earth. Gertrude Stein’s famous “a rose is a rose, is a rose” could be debated with Gaia. Is Earth Gaia? To the Ancients it had many names, even names of Goddesses, this could be the first clue, that Gaia with any other name, is still Gaia. But is Gaia the “consciousness” in other words, the soul’s core of our planet.

It is interesting how us humans are supposed to have an Emotional Intelligence shouldn’t Gaia have one as well? According to psychologist our Emotional Intelligence has 12 elements. I can’t help but to relate this to the 12 signs of the Zodiac, each relating to the 12 months of the year, but what about Gaia intelligence?

Do we have an inner Gaia intelligence as well? If so, who is listening? Native Americans, Indigenous people of the Earth, Scientist, Activist, Philosophers, religious people, spiritual people? Are you listening?

The song from Color Purple said it best, and all you have to do if you don’t feel comfortable with the word “God”, is substitute the word to “UGIE” is trying to tell you something.

So with this I will launch my own understanding of Gaia, UGIE, and how I as an astrologer, philosopher, hermetic student, (with a sense of humor) and yes, with some Indian ancestry, as well as other percentages of Indigenous blood, am searching and trying to understand this communication in the World we live now and in our limited world view of Earthly consciousnes.

Even more important is the question, why aren’t we all listening?

This planet has a duality, a Ying/Yang. But this intelligence shouldn’t only be about searching, I think it should also be about finding, listening, seeing, and understanding this intelligence.

Could this intelligence speak in symbolism, or even in the news, events, sports, weather, political events, etc? I think so. There are many examples, some you can find in what is brushed aside as “coincidences” or dismissed. Just in the political arena of this moment in time, one example that comes to mind, is the recent Asteroid discovered on November 3, 2018, named 2018 VP1 by Astronomers, it’s trajectory was for November 2nd and 3rd, 2020, election day. (say VP1 outloud and you can see the clue it gave us before Biden, the Vice President won) Another clue, from the Universe Zone, UGIE, is the birthdates, Kamala Harris born October 20th, and Joe Biden, born, November 20. Put these two 20’s together and you get 2020. But this is just a political example, there are so many.

It really doesn’t matter what you call this consciousness, the collective unconscious, UGIE, God/Goddess, Earth, Gaia, what is most important, is not the name, it’s listening, and understanding, our connection to this source of consciousness, our role in it, working toward being part of the solution, and working together to what matters most, unity, mutual undersanding, and awareness, to heal our world and each other.

@ 2020 Karuna Diaz –all rights reserved

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