Do you have a Sun- (father )Fire sign, Astral DNA connection in your Natal chart

We as Astrologers and lovers of Astrology, can see the connections of the planetary energies in our lives, personality, physical, psychological, etc. I have an interest in genetics, and I’m exploring the connection of the father, as represented in the Sun sign, to their sons/daughter in the natal chart. If we are after all made up of “star-dust” this link should also be in our DNA, and in our Natal chart. So just as you would test for genetic confirmation of father in the DNA, I’m taking it to an astrological level, to see if we can also see this connection in our natal charts. This is a work in process.  (I will also be researching the Moon,  signification of the mother). But for starters, I have seen this connection in Fire Sun sign people, and wrote about this a while back. I will repost in the near future, since this is a work in progress. 

@ 2019 Karuna Diaz –all rights reserved

photo NASA


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