Our Moon and Exploration of our Astral DNA

I have been wondering about the moon,  is there an  Astral DNA link in our charts?  I think it would be interesting to explore. Is there a similar connection with the Moon?  After all, the Moon is considered the Mother, as well as the Sun, the Father. But I think this connection can be explored, this time in the Vedic natal chart (or perhaps, even using the Thema Mundi, as a point of reference, as we used the Natural Zodiac for the exploration of Sun as the father).  So last night for the first time, I checked my Vedic moon connection. I have found a connection in my own chart. I am a Moon in Scorpio, in both charts, Vedic and Tropical. My mother, although not a Scorpio, is a tropical Aries,  (ruled by Mars in traditional astrology and Vedic). Her moon in her Vedic chart, falls in the 8th house of Scorpio, but in the sign of Virgo. What was amazing to me, was that my grandmother, her mother, was a Virgo. Is this a coincidence? I think this is a worthy topic of exploration, and hopefully others can join me in the search for the  link in our natal chart and our Astral DNA.Could it be possible, that just as we can find paternal and maternal confirmation of mother, father, ancestry, in our DNA analysis, likewise, we can find our parents, and grandparents in our own chart, and our astral DNA . I have been working on the above research, and have posted my prelimenary thougths on this matter. I hope to publish this as another astrological thesis  discovery, if you are reading this, and it has given you an insight or inspires you to take this reseach as well, I would kindly aks that if I have provided any assistance, that you aknowledge me and my work on this topic. Thank you.

@2019 Karuna Diaz-all rights reserved

Libra full Moon March 2019

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