Happy Easter and a Universal message of re-connecting to its true meaning within us


Today, like every year we celebrate Easter, the day Christians celebrate the “resurrection” of Christ.  Also prior to this date, it is interesting that the story of Inanna’s descent in Sumerian literature has a similar story of resurrection, when she was killed by her sister and was given back  “life”  after three days.SUMERIA Pagan connections and links are “coincidental” to the Saxon Goddess Eostre, or Ostara, who’s spring time sacrificial festival was celebrated today, the  goddess in India called the Great Mother Kali, and the Egyptian goddess Hathor-Astarte, who laid the Golden Egg of the Sun. Easter holds a similar message in each generation. If we put all of this together the message, no matter how old, or which religion, is based on the special meaning of resurrection.   In all of these messages, there is a renewal, a born-again, a more sacred second chance and state of being, embodied in nature as the coming of spring. In spring, once again,  the position of the Sun is in the constellation of Aries at 0 degrees,  it is not coincidental that this holy day is celebrated during the time of the Equinox, the resurrection of spring on Earth, perhaps even encoded in the image of the Spinx by the ancient Egyptians.  Most of all, I believe, this energy is embodied in us all, when we express the “good” of ourselves,  in our Astral DNA, towards each other, and our world. 

Like every state in our Nation, and in our world, there is so much going on that can be disheartening, depressing, and even sometimes unbearable. The state of the “World” and “humanity” is in need of a make-over.  We can actually see this deviation from the perfect alignment, of the ancient times, when all of these celebration were once celebrated on the same day of the Equinox.  On this day, in our modern time, there is a reminder of what can be possible if we were all truly able to “align” ourselves to this powerful message. To follow and learn from those with many different names, male and females from all the messages of unity, love and brotherhood of all our ancient and modern religions. We can start with Jesus, the heart, the Sun (son) the Lion, the sign of Leo in Astrology, the leader, the ego. The ancient spiritual alchemist, mystics, and teachers, understood this energy to be embodied in all of us.

Without a heart,  no man, nor woman can function, nor live. But the heart must be transmuted to the spiritual “gold” of Christ and Christ consciousness in us all.  To re-connect to compassion, love, unity, and most of all, to “love other’s as you would love thyself” is one of the greatest messages to revive today and every day, in our world, and in ourselves.

@2021 Karuna Diaz- all rights reserved

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