I have been silent for too long. I am in need of Help.  I am in need to share, I am only the memory of what I used to be!

  I am as old as the Universe.  As young as a newborn child.

I am the one whose rivers and oceans gives you water, trees and plants gives you shade, food, who’s soil gives you nourishment. I feed the hunger of the body, and of the spirit, I am the container of the soul. 

I am you, and you pollute me,  with your chemicals,  wars, rape, greed, complacency, territorial violence and divisions.  I am the disrespected Goddess/God with many names, and many faces.

Most don’t know me, but live their lives on my territory claiming they do.

Please hear my plea,I am the breath of life. I am  the one who gave you life, and gives you life.  I am you, and you are me!

Inside, I am life, as pure as the one who created me, outside, I am dying by the treatment for whom I was created.


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