Why is it that twins can be so different at times in reference to each other, and even in life’s experiences. Twins, if born under normal vaginal delivery, are born within 10 to 30 minutes of each other, and with a C-section it can be even quicker.  So then, if such little time difference is taken into account, the natal charts of both also look identical, therefore, where can we find clues of these differences?

I see the twins in the Zodiac Code, as Plato’s argument of “same and the other”, and this principle manifest in the world as twins. From my exploration on this topic, and I admit it is not much, this difference can be explored in a quantum way.  The Macro to Micro, where each difference in minutes (and even seconds) in degrees can be explored as a microzodiac. So we have to first note the exact degree and seconds (if this info is known with exact certainty) each child is born under.

The main indicators would be the Ascendant degree, moon, fortune, and vertex, as well as the arabic lots, and dwadasama. The houses can also be explored under different systems, such as whole signs, equal houses, etc. I would even look at the sidereal charts, Moon nakshatras and the difference in padas,  as well. If the twins are born in late degrees or close to a house cusp then life choices and personality traits and character will play a different role depending on which direction, and choices each will take, if different.

I would love to hear back from you and others who have twins after exploring these differences, if you find it has been helpful.

Karuna Diaz

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