Weather and you?

for Astrophilogenesis september“.

Why do we talk so much about the weather?

Yes, it is important in everyday life, even more so when there are threats of hurricanes, floods, etc.  The state of the earth, the temperature, the talk of climate change… Could it be that Einstein missed a few details in the theory of relativity? Might the weather be also relative to our emotions, moods, and spirit? Didn’t the ancients say, “As above so below”. If so, could we as humans be affecting the weather, not only with our actions? Which I strongly believe, as well as lack of action, but with our emotions too?

Humans are creators in all sense of the word, can create good and bad, (Such as what Native Americans, Environmentalist, activist and scientist, so wisely point out in reference to environmental degradation by our use of chemicals, etc.  in our physical planet.  But, along with our physical ability to create houses, Nations and cities, there is also a price to pay for our extreme negative emotions which I believe can manifest in extreme weather.  (Carl Jung theory of the collective unconscious, can very well play a role here as well).

As an Astrologer I see the Zodiac as a clock. Every sign signifies certain elemental qualities such as fire, air, water, and Earth,  (not to get into the whole technical part) But in a nut shell, to everything there is a “time”, the seasons. So it is in the yearly seasons when the Earth goes by rotation into the Summer Solstice 0 degrees Cancer, ruled by the Moon, (which also signifies emotions, water) June 21, and then July, August, (the sign of Leo, ruled by the Sun, fire, creator) and then Virgo( the Virgin, Earth sign) the time to reap what is sown, “the fall season” (Sept, October) when some of these energies might then be manifesting and projecting into our physical reality and environment? Maybe, maybe not, but if there is such a thing as an ecosystem,(the chain of life) then, why can’t “the weather and you, also be a part of it?


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