What is it about men that they are

Constantly searching for destruction?

The world has known many wars,

And suffered many pains,

And yet, this does not seem enough for the human race to learn from.

Wars, are not a yearned for event,

Still, men are constantly looking for it.

What brings men to this path may have many reasons,

But neither of them, good enough to trade

for the lives lost, damages caused, the

destruction of nations, cultures, land and people.

Wars are a well-known and talked about subject,

Yet, the secret of PEACE is unknown to it.

I wish the reasons for war could be destroyed,

Just like the meaning of war, can destroy us.

PEACE has a more different meaning, and it is less talked about.

I dream of a day when PEACE will take over wars,

Conquer our hearts and our nations.


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