Dreams and Astrology

moon pic

I’m currently working on a theory of dreams and astrology.  I will be writing more as I go, but now would like to share my conjecture regarding astrology and our dreaming mind.

Could it be that when we don’t experience transits, we are experiencing them in our dreams, and dream life?

Does the moon and her phases give us clues as to when to pay more attention to our dreams according to our Natal chart?

Should astrologers interpret dreams as astrological significations to grasp a deeper meaning, consciousness and the messages encoded within our dreams?

I have a theory that dreams can give us glimpses into our ancestry, and, if there is such a thing as past life, clues to our past lives.

Here is a subject for exploration.

I invite you to explore and start writing down your dreams, and the moon sign and phase, as well as transits to see if those transits, and their symbolism, have a resonance, or some kind of symbolic connection, in your life.

On the nights of the dream, check if there are retrograde planets in the 12th, or 8th house, and if they are in signs ruled by the moon signs, such as: Pisces, Aquarius, Scorpio, Capricorn, Cancer, South Node or even the 4th house in your Natal chart. This might provide further keys to your exploration.

I will be posting a few examples of my own dreams in the near future. In the meantime, in the spirit of Jupiter in Scorpio, explore your dreams and see what they tell you.

@2017 Karuna Diaz –all rights reserved

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