I have a gift passed down from my ancestors,
It’s in my bloodline, in my DNA.

You give my gift a name. You degrade my warning to illness.
You look at me without eyes to see,
In these dark times of ignorance and denial,
In these ungrateful times of Modernity, I am a “nuisance”: an Inconvenient truth.

But I am the sacrificial lamb; I am your victim.
I am The Messenger.

There is a darkness that most of you are sensing,
Not knowing where it’s coming from, you look at other places,
Other reasons, other scapegoats. You stay in denial,
For convenience, for profit, for ignorance and lack of understanding.

I was once honored and respected
What was once a blessing is now a curse
I Am the Messenger.

I am the Shaman Woman: the Sensitive One
Our Eldest knew of my arrival,
They were waiting happily for my birth,
My gift came with the full moon’s and the North Star’s reflection in the Sea.

From when my mother held me in her arms
She saw the markings of my second toe and knew
I was to be different from the rest
She had no doubt the Elder’s prophecy was True,
I was to be the one. I was The Messenger.

I was the one who “smells and feels the wind”.
I gave the messages,
Before your computers,
Before your scientific data,
Before your weather reports,
Before others were falling sick.

I have been the wake-up call,
I have been the canary.
I am the Shaman,
I am The Messenger.

I sensed the water of the coming floods,
I smelled the rains before it came.
We left for shelter, for two cycles of the moon,

I called the drought before it killed us,
Prepared with the warning we lived through it,
Our Clan was spared because I was the Sensitive one.
I was the one who showed the way
I was once guidance to our Clan
I was, and am The Messenger

I can smell the deadly, cancer-causing fumes of Poisons,
In your pesticides, in your foods, in your chemicals, in your building materials,
In your fossil fuels, in your cleaning supplies, in your toxic scented products,
In your bodies.
I can sense their dangers.
Dangers invisible and intangible to you,
Knowingly or unknowingly, when you’re exposed,
It pollutes your land, your home, your waters.
It creeps into your Immune system, your lungs, and throughout your body.

If you don’t pay attention, if you don’t heed the Warning,
The exposures will invade your world.
Debilitate you, and slowly take what you value Most,
It’s just a matter of time
If not now, later, you will remember my warning.

So many centuries have passed between us.
The past is gone. I am in the present
and perhaps not so in your future, embodied to give the warnings.

I have a gift, a bridge within my blood of the old world and the new one,

Your way of life blinds you, and in your eyes this is my curse
You listened once, and my gift lifted you from the shadows of extinction
You listened once and you lived long enough to procreate for generations

But now, you are not listening.

I Am the Messenger,
Before it’s too late for the World Clan,
Listen to my DNA

(For all messenger of health, suffering from invisible illnesses. This poem was inspired by a dream)

@2016 Karuna Diaz-all rights reserved

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