Be Greater than your flaws

be-greater-thanThe worse and best of people come out during times of challenges. Astrologically speaking, the Sun, the center of our solar system is also the center of our being. The sun burns and brings light. We all have the Sun inside, and in our Natal chats. Which way will Trump and those who are in power make use of their inner sun, will make them either leaders, Hero’s or Rulers. We can as a Nation burn or rise into a new and better day. There is a popular saying that “ people, will get the leader they deserve”. This might be true, or  not, but let’s hope that even if it takes a while, when there is a dragon to fight, a hero or many heroes can rise up to the challenge for the greater good of all. I’m hoping for the best. We will have to wait and see. One thing, I’m sure, the majority of people who voted, on both sides, wanted a better world for all, as well as nation. We all must realize the sun shines on the planet as a whole, no matter what political affiliation.

Let’s hope that even if trump seems to have won, and becomes our president, the inner sun light” of us all, the internal sun, will rise to the challenge and make sure we don’t let the good light die,no matter who is leader. We are all “in charge”  of how we allow ourselves to act. We do have control of how much good or bad of ourselves we can embody and express.  This moment in time can be seen as our time to be “embassadors of light, love, awareness, right action and peace. We can all participate in being the activist of “light”.  We do have to start by first looking at the darkness in our “world view”. This is part of our “collective unconscious”. This is a world that projects outward, “violence, hatred, anger, darkness,division, prejudice, etc., daily through the news,  the movies, the video games, the wars, the terrorism, greedy people in authority, rulers, dictators, etc., sadly manifesting more of this energy. I think we should choose to be “Greater than”. Act, reflect, speak, show greater strength by choosing to be peaceful, just, balanced, good temperament, love, support, and especially understanding.

I think if there could be an acronym   here on how to move forward I would call it:


“Awareness” Become aware of the issues, the problems, do not live with your head in the sand

“Peaceful Action” is about getting involved, bringing awareness, through activism, letters, Facebook, post, meme, tweets, and other digital and modern forms of communication,  getting political, becoming an activist, a think-tank, involvement with community programs, service, work, phone calls, peaceful protest, boycotts, etc.

Detachment”- A process useful, to report, the problems and the awareness of these issues, challenges, that need to be addressed and  new solutions found. This helps in not getting emotionally “involve” with the darkness

Unify we all want a better world, not just a better economy. We also want a better nation and environment, we want to make sure we don’t lose our human and civil rights, but we must also demand clean air, clean water, clean land, organic food, which should be the norm, being able to maintain and preserve our health, this our human right.

This is a critical moment in our times, our nation, and in many personal world view. Please be “Greater Than”! This is how we can all, regardless of political affiliation, “Make America and All People Great Again”

@2016 Karuna Diaz-all rights reserved

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