Cursed for Eating an Apple and praised for fighting wars


In these times, I can’t help but think of gender bias. Sadly, Hillary has too much baggage and hatred to be loved by all, especially by Trump supporters, but what if it were another woman running for president?

Unless you’re an environmentalist, most people don’t know about Jill, the other woman on the ballot and they think of her as obscure.

Men have been praised throughout history, mythology, religion, and in the Bible, for fighting wars, winning and conquering. Are females to be cursed and forever held in contempt for eating the apple?

This seems to be playing itself out in the current election as well via Hillary’s emails and her husband’s infidelities.  Nothing seems to hurt Trump–a rich white male. Could this gender bias be part of the reason why we are not as hard on him as a nation? Has it been engraved in our consciousness that a woman named Eve ate the apple? Are women and wives expected to “stand by their man”/ husband, no matter what they do?

Hillary did it, and now she is paying for it.

Is it fair?

It’s a man’s world. Is this why there are so many imbalances?  Throughout history, mostly men have ruled. There has been wars, separation, strife, abuse of power, discrimination and great injustices against blacks, Native Americans, the poor, etc.  Would a woman in charge be different?

Maybe. Perhaps not. Maybe’ we will never know.

We are on the cusp of either same old rich male established and rulership, or trying something different: a woman.

Is Hillary the right woman?

We don’t know, but the hatred and division for the possible changing of the guard will most surely, as it has already, left its mark on our nation, the world and especially in women.

@2016 Karuna Diaz – all rights reserved

One thought on “Cursed for Eating an Apple and praised for fighting wars

  1. Have to disagree on a few things here. I think just by virtue of her being a woman makes a difference. She’s worked her whole life to help others, as have many women. We women see the world differently from men, solve problems differently. Men have been ruling the world for the last few millennia, give women a try for the next few. Imagine when we go to Mars in the future. Will it be for Peace or for new resources? I know I can trust a woman to be in charge, they think about the future generations, not just now. Go Hillary! Love trumps hate! 😊

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