Let’s take a different approach

for astrophilogenesis

It is surely too late for this election, but we must demand change. Perhaps by changing our politics, as usual, is a first step.  No more of the same old, same old. It’s time to change the rules, we need for prior future elections a better way of picking candidates. We should have some type of “people’s test for the Presidency”, before they are allowed to start campaigning. If we get tested for schools, and we get a grade of an F or D, we don’t get to pass the grade, why should we ask for less, from our future presidents? I think this is an idea, whose time has come, and I’m sure I’m not the first person who suggested it. Am I?

How did we get into this mess?  Is it written in the stars? Is there a greater meaning to this? I think so.  This election is surely bringing issues of anger, hatred, division, and the dark side into focus.  But I think it is also a time for soul-searching and asking questions about our points of views, biases, acceptances, denials, fantasies, etc.

In Astrology, the moon reflects the light of the Sun.  One of the many symbolisms for the moon is the people, the masses, and the country.  One of the many symbolisms of the Sun is the king, and for us, in this perspective, we can consider the president to represent the sun.  How the candidates, the nation, and society are reflecting this light shows a very sad and dark reflection.  The Ego is also the dark side of sun and the Moon, ourselves, and the candidates.  Is there a light at the end of this tunnel?

Hillary Clinton was reported to have spent 1.1 billion and Donald Trump 712.1 Million in this past election.  I ask, what if instead of spending the money on adds, etc., presidential candidates would spend every penny on tackling social, health and environmental problems as task and projects to be evaluated on?  Perhaps this idea might seem influenced by the “apprentice”, maybe there is something good after all, from having had Donal Trump in the race, if we implement a new way to deserve a qualification to be considered as a presidential candidate, besides money, power and an influential last name. I would also use the ‘Electoral Vote system for the winning of the nomination, after the candidates have passed all qualification tests, and this includes psychological testing as well.  Then I would leave the final vote for the ‘popular vote’ to be the actual winner of the presidency.  This way both systems are used fairly.  This might mean dividing the year for voting sooner.

The final popular vote would start by changing the way this country spends money on the presidential race.

In other words, presidential candidates write out the social problems they want to attempt to tackle or initiate and implement projects for.  Such as homelessness, children’s health, etc.  They actually initiate programs, budgets, goals, and deadlines, as well as results of each project. They can use either existing programs (with a different name to separate it from the organization’s work), or create new ones, to take each of these challenges in each state.  This way, they don’t have to waste their precious time speaking and holding rallies for themselves, but actually working for a cause. The media has an obligation to report these projects and successes or failures to the people, and they need to cover this for free, as part of public service.  Their supporters can actually volunteer to work together, to make America great again.  Then the people can see who actually has the best plans, and approaches, as well as success in the execution of these issues.

In this new approach, the people can see for themselves, not just listening to words, later forgotten, or ignored.  Finally, the people can vote based on successes for the best candidate approach on these problems, not just their speeches, and every penny from each campaign is actually spent on the needs of our country and our people.

There is something to be learned from the gradual passing of time, the way the sun and moon run their natural course.  The night and day, does not happen with an instant blink of an eye, it happens gradually.  We are living the times of our Nation’s Dusk and Dawn.  Which one will rise, will be up to us.

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