Mark Zuckerber and his wife are spending 3 billion on trying to end all diseases.  National institute of health spends 32 billion a year, on research, and on creating vaccines. CDC spends 7 billion on outbreaks of diseases and actions towards them.  There is still no end to disease in sight.

What is wrong with this picture, aside the fact that special interests are making money on illnesses, vaccines, and research?

It’s not about curing all illnesses; the way I see it, and others I’m sure who might agree,  it’s about making individuals’ immune systems strong enough to fight all diseases they are confronted with, and environmental contaminants, throughout their lives

I recognize that the ancient Axiom “As above so below,” needs to be addressed by looking at our world from exterior to interior.  I also realize there are diseases of the soul and of the mind, but these are not the one’s I’m referring to in this article (to be addressed in a separate blog post).

If we don’t approach both the environmental and physical, and try to understand, resolve and cure both, we will never be able to cure-all diseases and continue to put a band-aide on the health challenges.

How would I suggest this cure?

If I were able to suggest and implement programs based on my learned experiences and as an Astrologer and the “Zodiac code” (not just the “DaVinci Code”)I would start with the sign of balance.  The sign of Libra, the only one, not an animal or human, is one of the major Zodiac codes of life. The scale, and balance, are such an important message to learn, understand and incorporate into a healthy human life experience, that it is the only innate material of the Zodiac for those with eyes to see.

A life lived in balance seems to be a healthy life.

Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic science are two examples of incorporating the “Zodiac Code of Libra” into a system for healing and lifestyle.

A more practical approach on tackling illnesses might be to first connect the health dots, then undergo educational awareness, and public message advertisement programs. This should include transparency on environmental data, such as posting  zip-codes of  areas pesticide applications the community is being exposed to, and  on Cancer cluster areas and  hospital statistics and zip-codes. 

Bringing awareness, research, and transparency on what the data is exposing and on how this might be affecting the community is of utmost importance.

An educational program exposing the truth of other toxic possibilities a person is being exposed to, and trade secret ingredients, along with cancer connection from the environmental toxins, lack of clean air and water, and toxins  in the products they’re unaware of, that have these ingredients when applying to their bodies, or in their homes (such as: scented candles, perfumes and other petroleum scented products etc).  In other words: the real cause of indoor air pollution and environmental illnesses.

This program will evaluate illnesses or conditions and symptoms a patient might have or be predisposed to. But most of all educate others about the micro-biome and food as medicine, as so many doctors from functional medicine already do. 

Awareness and support for alternative, non-toxic solutions into the mainstream media and markets would be implemented.

The program would be not only for the people, but for those in government, doctors, and companies who lack awareness on the most up-to-date information on Epigenetics.

Secondly I would see the patient’s chart, not just their medical chart, (more on this later).

I would also use Genetic DNA information and circadian rhythms, the latest stem-cells therapies, , hyperbaric oxygen therapy, as well as far-infra red lamps, magnets and other advanced therapies.

I would educate patients on their options and preventions tools, such as a balanced life-style, with nutrition, Yoga, Tai Chi, aerobics or any other exercise program and assign personal trainers to their liking (unless they’re exercise intolerant). Incorporating therapies such as hypnosis, music, dance, art, experiential  and oxygen therapies, etc.

In the end, I would also use Neuroscience incorporating Neuroplasticity and brain games.

I would make sure their sleeping habits are healthy and proper to their wellbeing. Some people need 8 hours, other less, but proper amount of time for sleep and good sleeping accommodations are a must for healing and maintenance of good health.

Our first hospitals were the Asclepeion dream temples in Greece.  The ancients were well aware that dreams are of great value. A dream book with dates can also contribute valuable information to the healing process.

Using meditation, hypnosis, affirmations for healing, relaxation and Yoga Nidra prior to sleeping, and while in the REM states, would also be part of the program, along with a completely dark bedroom, with nocturnal oxygen-giving plants: (

As an Astrologer I am aware that each of the  Zodiac signs are associated with parts of the human body, and I would use this knowledge.

I would use the Astrology toolbox of different techniques to assist every step of the way and delineate a patient’s most vulnerable cycles for illnesses, such as ages, based on profection houses, (one of the most important clues for timing, in my humble opinion).

I would also use a Decumbiture chart: , as well as their Natal Chart, progressed chart, solar Return chart, transits, declinations, fortune release, their Arabic lots, etc.

I would try to approach treatment with  proper timing, using moon nakshatras, transits, planetary hours, and moon phases for implementation of proper medicine and treatment .

In conclusion, I would use the most current medical DNA info, along with their Astrological chart to research the possible illnesses and weakness to the immune system, for prevention.

I would combine medical and alternatives for treatment and prevention, as well as  research proper timing for each individual based on cycles, natal and moon cycles, as well as implementation of  mantras, etc and all of the above to the protocol and proper timing for best healing.

How I would implement the program would need more details.

I’m not a doctor, and have great respect for them and admiration, but when it comes to our bodies, prevention and strengthening of our immune system, we can all have a better connection and understanding of what works best for us.  One size  does not fit all.

Hippocrates, the Greek physician considered father of modern medicine was a medical astrologer who insisted his students study Astrology.  He said, “He that does not understand astrology, is not a doctor…”

Doctors are not astrologers although they have been life saviors.

When it comes to prevention, and alternative tools for invisible illnesses, rare, or even impossible to cure or treat illnesses, there is still much to learn and research and do.

Why not take the father of medicine’s advice?

Go outside the box and take the best from both worlds to perhaps achieve a healthier life.

@2016 Karuna Diaz- all rights reseved


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