Debate Seasons and the Ying and Yang of Campaign Slogans

In the past I have noticed that most of the campaign slogans presidential candidates have used, have manifested into the total opposite by the end of their administrations. This time, even before we have a “winner”, I am seeing this manifestation. Hillary’s ”Stronger together” has manifested in the opposite for her, and us as a nation. She has not united the democrats, for many reasons. In my opinion, by not picking Bernie as vice-president, I think she might have changed the cusp in the arrow of time. (An astrology- physics term I have used in my observation, and wrote about in my first blog. “The Cusp in the Arrow of time”. Trump, on the other hand, “Make America Great Again” has exposed the dark side of America, hatred, violence, bully, racist, misogynistic , etc. This is not how America becomes great again. Trump campaign slogan, if elected, will most likely continue on the same direction, unless by some miracle he stops feeding his ego and becomes a humble, compassionate, wise, intelligent, human being. In defense to Trump, he is and has pointed out the mistakes of many decades of misused power, money, greed, and mistakes, when others in power never have talked about it, denied it, and ignored it, (with the exception of environmental mistakes which he is in deep denial about). But being able to see this and pointing it out, does not make him fit to be president.
Hillary on the other hand, has the experience, skills, intelligence, temperament, and tries her best, which sadly, is not good enough for all Americans. She has made mistakes, like everybody else does, is paying for her husband’s mistakes, (unfair) and by trying to stay in the center makes the mistake of not trying hard enough.
I think the way we can be stronger together and make America great again, is by first, acknowledging the errors of our ways, not just apologizing, but making amends, and having the courage to make it right, fair and just. Second by being selective, we need to show and be the best we can be, even though we are not perfect. But being selective doesn’t mean we can discriminate with people, it means to be selective in feeding the good and loving part of us inside. Select to act, talk, show, and think the right way, a way we would all agree is a road models for our children, and third, by being “true human beings”, not degrading and despicable human beings. Seek to be better every day, show compassion, love, wisdom, truth, humility, intelligence, balance, good temperament and all the good that we can be. We are not perfect, none of us are, but in recognizing the errors of our ways and showing we are willing to try to make changes for the better, and having the courage to change our nation and our world, doing (not acting) the right thing; we can truly be stronger together and make America great again.

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