CETI Ophiuchus -the 13th sign and the call to heal (searching for human Environmental Intelligence on Earth)

There is a constant article that keeps coming back about the Zodiac signs and NASA’s revelation on the 13th sign, and how Astrologers got it all wrong.  I posted on the Astrology podcast another explanation that could be playing an unintended role on this subject.  I said, perhaps this topic keeps coming back because there is a call to heal  upon us and people who are resonating with this story might have some role to play in this healing.  http://theastrologypodcast.com/2016/09/27/nasa-changes-zodiac-signs-astrologers-respond/

Many interesting comments and thoughts were also posted on this topic, Astrologer Chris Brennan made an excellent podcast worthy of praise.  A “must listen to” if  interested.   I also think “the cusp in the arrow of time” is relevant in reference to this subject.

 But what I think is most important” is listening” to this call, a healing call.  Like the SETI signal searching for intelligent life in the Universe.  I think we live in a crucial moment in time, where the signal and all signs are pointing to us, as a world, a nation, and human beings. Are we intelligent enough to answer the call?   Are we listening, how are we listening?  Our eco-systems are dying, our climate is changing, and the signs, are there, sadly, not many in authority are listening. Individually there is a lot we can still do, but we need action, support, courage, awareness, accountability and willingness to listen and act on this call.   To get the signal all we have to do is turn on the news, our computers, our radios, look at our environment, but once we get the signal, I think we all need to look internally, look at our lives, our actions, our thoughts, our words, our projetions and try to work together to find a way we can heal ourselves, each other, and our world.  

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